Urban Water Needs: Can We Keep Up?
A project in collaboration with Hal Watts and Luke Bennett

Duration: 2 Weeks Part Time

Urban water needs: Can we keep up? from hal watts on Vimeo.

This was an experimental project looking at more analogue approaches to infographic design. We wanted to tie the medium of the graphic directly to what it represented.

Inspired by those little bits of sponges you get with a soldering iron we realised that differently expanded spong might be a nice way to show water requirements on a map. We lazer cut the sponge, painstakingly wet it and then got a photographer to beautifully capture the outcome.

Upon each sponge county, an amount of water proportional to its increase in urban domestic water consumption by 2030 was poured.

The expansion of the sponge means that the height of the country now represents its future need for urban domestic water.

Over the next 20 years a combination of urbanisation and population growth will lead to a huge increase in domestic water needs in cities. While this will have little impact on some countries, others will need to develop large new infrastructures. Some countries will be able to afford this more easily than others.

Concept, build, calculations and presentation : Hal Watts and Matthew Laws
Photography, direction and general help: Luke Bennett