Climate Machine at Royal College of Art

The Climate Machine was shown as part of Show 2 at the RCA in 2010

Climate Change can be described as a wicked problem, with a level of complexity that paralyses both policy makers and public into inaction.

The Climate Machine tames the problem using an order of magnitude approach that compares energy use, energy supply and the resulting carbon footprint. It allows people to engage with these values, and empowers them to engage with the topic. On one side is a mirror that that changes in clarity with your carbon footprint and is surrounded with 200 bulbs that represent your energy footprint. On the back is a number based break down of your energy activity.

This is vitally important in light of current scientific thinking; it is widely believed that by 2050 global temperature rise should not be allowed to go above 2 degrees C. In the UK this means we must reduce our carbon footprint by around 90%.

The Climate Machine, MA RCA Installation from matthewlaws on Vimeo.