Dondow Bags: A collaboration with Francis Aidoo of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

Duration: 5 Weeks / Royal College of Art / 2009

The aim of this project was to share knowledge and bring contemporary design to highly skilled students and crafts people of Ghana.

We developed a bag with a western market in mind, but sourced and manufactured in the heart of Ghana's largest market city, Kumasi. This bag was made by skilled craftsmen for an ethical wage and the materials were all found in the market; the majority of the bag is made from reused truck tyre inner tube.

A brand was also developed 'Dondow' coming from an early concept where the bag was going to double up as a traditional Ghanaian drum. The name stuck, but the bag took the form a cycling courier bag aimed to be sold in London, New York and San Francisco. The bags are currently being made, hopefully they'll make it to the West soon with all the profits going direct to the manufacturers using a newly developed online payment system.