Design Out Waste: A final group project working with Adam Paterson and Rich Gilbert. Received a distinction and was shown at the RCA interim show.

Duration: 4 Months / Royal College of Art / 2009-2010

What is the right thing to do with your old iron, toaster, hair dryer, blender, radio, and kettle? For small household electrical products repair is virtually impossible or can cost more than buying new, leaving you with little alternative but to throw them away. They can’t go in your recyclables and taking them to the dump to be disposed of properly is such a hassle. Perfectly sized for the household bin, this is where most of them end up. Valuable and finite material resources are getting lost to landfill.

This project looks at the end of life of small household electrical products and aims to make the most of the material that they embody.

To deal with this complex problem, we are presenting three different approaches:

The Realist – an internationally mass produced product, designed for recapture through existing recycling systems and rapid disassembly.

The Pragmatist – a strong consumer-manufacturer
relationship establishes repair and makes this object last
9 times longer using optimum material reprocessing

The Optimist – where the material value and longevity
of the object becomes so clear it will last for generations.

So what will you choose? The Realist, Pragmatist
or Optimist?